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Adivasi Sanjeevini Herbal Products

Adivasi Sanjeevini Herbal - Hair Growth Oil

Adivasi Sanjeevini Herbal - Hair Growth Oil

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Adivasi Sanjeevini Herbal Hair , Ayurvedic Hair Oil For Best Hair Treatment 
Traditional Ayurvedic  Methods Followed By Adivasi People 

Using Methods : And Describetion 

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Describition : 

Sanjeevini Herbal Hair Oil is a blend of natural herbal extracts it is the total solution against hair fall and dandruff. It helps you to remove the excess tangle and knots, It nurtures the scalp to grow natural and healthy long hair. It can be used for all age’s people.

Sanjeevini herbal hair growth oil is a 100% Safe, Natural & Chemical Free Ayurvedic Hair oil! SINCE 70 YEARS ADHIVASI HAIR.

Faster Hair Growth With 6 Scalp Nourishing Herbs: Neeli, Amla, Bhringraj, Aloe Vera, Mint Oil & Jojoba Oil help heal and repair the damaged cells in the scalp & improve follicle health and faster hair growth.

 ✅ Fight Over 16 Hair Damaging Issues: Fight hair damaging issues like stress, pollution, bad diet, water salinity, scalp dryness, sweat allergies, dead skin, dandruff, etc to get a clean and well-hydrated scalp .

✅ Reduce Hair Fall & Increase Hair Thickness Up To 15%: Reduce hair fall with regular use. Improve hair thickness by a minimum of 10-15% by continuously nourishing and maintaining the protein levels in your hair roots for stronger, longer and thicker hair.

 ✅ 100% Purity And Naturally Long & Strong Hair: Nivr is 100% natural, safe and effective. It only has natural ingredients and is a 100% Ayurvedic product.

✅ Healthy Hair For All Hair Types: Natural ingredients with antibacterial and antifungal properties deal with curly, straight, wavy and all hair types all types of hair. Nivr helps control hair fall and helps achieve healthy hair for all hair types.

Direction to Use:  Apply the oil half an hour before bath twice a week to stop dandruff and for luxuriant growth promotes lost hair growth, check dandruff prevents hair fall, coolth ahead, releases headache, shine and silk any time your hair grows. Apply in night and morning both weekly twice in a 45 days course use and for the bold head, also can use. Apply Thoroughly & Deeply hair roots and Leave Overnight for Good Results. Use at least 3 days per week for better results.







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